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What are the biggest problems that the world’s going to face over the next few years?

Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG, TÀI NGUYÊN by Peony Hằng Phương on 10 Tháng Bảy 2011

Well you know, talking about the future is always interesting because it requires numerous information on the present and on the trend of the future. Obviously we can say there are quite a lot of dangers that the entire world is going to face such as war, famine, catastrophe, inequality… due to the globalization and as human spirit problems.

At the outset, the most crucial predicament is the dreadful side of globalization and economy development. Actually, the unifying of the whole world is the greatest global trend since a few decades and become certainly alarming because it covers all 3 major aspects of human activities in the nearest future: environment, economy and society. Moreover, this tendency sustains the negative matters like epidemic disease, economy crisis, and social disaster… to spread faster and stronger all over the world.

Equally worrying is spiritual evils that is the cause of all human troubles since Adam and Eva’s epoch. In fact, if we have enough time and patience to analyze all awful things that people has done from thousand years, we could recognize the fact that mental illness is the core reason of stupid activities. Return to the present, the problem of globalization would be easily resolved if people could balance 3 poles of the development economy triangle: environment, economy, society. However, human follow always the material desires to not respect 2 others factors. That is the reason why I consider our mind sickness as the most important origin of every problem and then this item is certainly the deepest and greatest problem of human beings until the doomsday.

As conclusion, when we find out what are wrong, we have the chance to ameliorate it by beginning to improve our inside and equilibrating our behavior.


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