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What benefits are advances in technology going to bring us?

Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG by Peony Hằng Phương on 9 Tháng Bảy 2011

What benefits are advances in technology going to bring us?

Well you know, talking about the future is always interesting because it requires numerous information on the present and on the trend of the future.

All the sciences of human kind are oriented to only one target: make people happier and more perfect. To achieve this goal, technology has demonstrated its role as the child of science and human creativity. Obviously there are a number of positive features: make life become comfortable, offer opportunity to self enrich…

I would probably say that for the most part, the one thing that really stands out is that modern technology advances simplify all aspects of our material life. This is favorable because we could finish our work and daily tasks easier and faster than ever before, for example one work day of an officer stars by checking emails in Outlook, continues by searching information in the internet by using a computer, contacting with the client by the telephone, participating an intercontinental conference on uses the satellite and spending spare time to select a new suit for the anniversary by strolling on the informatics highway … Moreover, this is without doubt beneficial because technology takes a lion part of human instruments to conquer the nature, topple the god and decide the destiny, for instance lengthening longevity, treating diseases, creating rain…

As well as this, a further favorable aspect would be that telecommunication, modern transportation and astronomy are revolutionizing our manufacture technique; as a result the world is a level playing field where all competitors have an equal opportunity. That is the reason why emerging countries consider globalization as a major external feature of their economy development. This is surely a positive feature because the fair and transparent concurrence encourage the development nonstop of every factors as Thomas Friedman has described in detail some aspects of this tendency like outsourcing, workflow software, supply chaining… in his bestseller “The World is Flat – a brief history on the twenty first century”.

To sum up, besides two issues that I have cited, there are numerous benefits of progresses in technology sector that influence on every side of human life and the position of technology as a useful instrument is being consolidated.


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