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In your opinion, could these advances in technology also cause some problems?

Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG, TÀI NGUYÊN by Peony Hằng Phương on 9 Tháng Bảy 2011

In your opinion, could these advances in technology also cause some problems?

Well first of all, you might or might not be aware that every penny has two sides and this issue is not an exception. Besides a range of advantages, it is clear that most people would agree on some drawbacks such as environment and humanity problems.

I guess the most impractical characteristic would be that the life modernized by automation, specialization and other science products is one of variety reasons of the deterioration of life style and human core values. Not surprisingly, a young Vietnamese pupil wears the American clothes, eats Thailand rice, rides Japanese motorbike, speaks English and sings Korean songs… all are foreigner from teeth to toe except only one thing domestic as this personage admits: I am Vietnamese. This is a typically image of teenager in the globalization epoch when culture values are immigrated and merged so fast. This is an obvious weakness because the material thinking poisons and destroys the mystic spirit that distinguishes human beings to another animal. For example, people fabric the boom or other weapons to attack each other and destroy the nature as the same time as scientists explore the TNT or nuclear energy.

Supplementary to this, a further handicap may be that mother earth is crying for help in facing the nature extra exploitation and environment pollution of human activities. This fact can be a hassle for the reason that the nature riches are limit in comparison to the greed of humankind. Furthermore, if this globe is considered as our common house where we find out the food in the kitchen forest, the water in the tank river… then we are so impolite to consider everywhere as our recycle bin and toxin everything by our garbage. As you will reap what you will sow, people acquire more and more suffering such as natural catastrophe, serious and strange diseases, food and air poisoned…

Sincerely, I admit that I could not list all disadvantages of science consequences like Einstein, the world contemporary biggest scientist, said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” However, as you know, among a range of human activities, technology play the role of an instrument in human hand. Consequently, we cannot blame this science fruit as the cause of these disadvantages instead of accuses the avariciousness, the feud and the foolishness of humankind.


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