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Let’s talk about what you do and about your free time

Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG, TÀI NGUYÊN by Peony Hằng Phương on 27 Tháng Sáu 2011

Well you know the first thing I should mention is that I’ve finished my studies in economy and I will continue that in US one day. So I have to learn English to prepare to apply in a scholarship. As well as that, I could say that I’m working for a culture and arts center as marketer. Actually, I’m responsible to recruit sellers, to edit marketing documents, to present services to potential clients…

Alright, I suppose I should begin by highlighting the fact that I have much free time but it’s occupied by many hobbies. Each day, I have to work 4 hours, 2 hours to do house works, 1 hour to study English. In addition to what I’ve just said, I can add that I spend the rest of the day to study Chinese horoscope, to practice vocal music etc.

Right OK, It’s possible to enjoy myself without spending much of money in staying at home. I suppose I should say that we can download many videos and clips, etc… in the internet for free except the internet and electricity fee. Well I use to download the tutorials of what I’m interested in such as: massaging, making up, dancing, and studying… In addition, I have to going out to learn.

Something else that I need to comment on this is that there are lots of things to do in my hometown. The point I’d like to begin is that Hanoi has many entertainment locations such as bars, karaoke centers… This city is the cultural center of the country, and then we have too many choices to do such as caligraphy, photography… or simply ballade throughout ancient little streets. I guess I could also remark on the fact that Hanoi is the largest city of Vietnam after the combine with Hanoi and Hatay province. That’s why it posses lots of ancient or natural monuments of 2 regions and then we can’t explore this city less than 2 weeks if we are tourisms.


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