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Describe a city, town or village you have visited which you like:

Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG, TÀI NGUYÊN by Peony Hằng Phương on 27 Tháng Sáu 2011

Well, first of all, I should say that I want to present to you a beautiful city that named Ho Chi Minh. Actually, I have lived there for 2 months the last year and my initial point would be that I will come here to live all my life in the future. All right, I really need to kick off with the point that Ho Chi Minh is the centre of Vietnam’s southern. Of course, you know, I could say that this city takes the first position in the industrial system of the country and the southern especially. Actually, you may or may not be aware that in fact Ho Chi Minh is situated among many industrialized cities such as Binh Duong, Vung Tau, Dong Nai… and I shouldn’t forget to mention that it takes an important part of the domestic and the international circulation of Vietnam.

Also, I suppose I should really say that Ho Chi Minh posses a dynamic life style that attracts young people who want to build a brilliant social position. There are many reasons supporting my view that are an open atmosphere, a practical attitude, a mix culture, a rapid rhythm … Indeed, this city provides everyone so many chances to grow up our careers everywhere every time. Education and Formation, Arts and Entertainment, Commerce and Trade, Mechanic and Industry… every section is on the way of developing.

Another point which I could add is that you could visit many entertainment centers on the town, and if you need fresh air, it’s so simple to take a western tour in a few days or run along the beach, climb up on the mountain in some neighbor provinces. Something else that I need to comment on is that you will find your favor meal which is part of various speciality goods that come from everywhere in the country and in the world.

After careful consideration of the above reasons, I personally agree that the most attracting thing of this city is its own life style that has been keeping for long times.


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