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Posted in English essay, English essays, HẰNG PHƯƠNG, Meditation_Thiền, Phật học, Tâm linh, TU TÂM by Peony Hằng Phương on 27 Tháng Sáu 2011

The issue of discovering the meaning of the life has taken the role of the raison d’être of all philosophy trends and regions in the whole world including the Buddhism for thousand years. This region has zipped the answer of the life destination in a prime definition that this article is going to talk on: Buddhicitta.

First of all, Buddhicitta can be defined as a vow to harvest the complete enlightenment situation without left behind any sentient beings by bringing them happiness and relieving them from suffering. What is also worth noticing is that Buddhicitta takes a necessary part of the way of self development because this vow paints a target to attain and the condition to gain it. This description contains two major factors which concern the life of a Buddhist, especially the disciples who follow the Mahayana tradition. In fact, the enlightenment is described as a situation of freedom in which persons through away all the negative and also the positive items that attracted them before. Furthermore, the total enlightenment is only completed by helping all beings to attain their Buddha situation, that means if a Buddhist has found his enlightenment, he is still on the way and he has not the right to stop until every beings has the same conscious like his. In this case, there is another factor that deserves some words here, Buddhicitta takes the very important role of motivation and setting goal like the seed of a tree.

At last, it might also be noted that by Buddhicitta it means not only a wish to rescue all spirits from paint but also the true quality of each person. There are many reasons that can verify this. Actually every soul acquires the pure essence which is the purpose of all regions. In the opinion of all cultures from the oriental to the occidental, from the past to the present and also to the future, a human being is formed from 3 central parts: the nerve, the heart and the body which resemble 3 chief qualities: wisdom, loving kindness and forces. In addition, from the Buddhism perspective, every sentient being is indeed a Buddha, maybe it cannot recognize this fact due to the darkness of the aim, the foolish of mind but its fundamental nature contains all the excellent sides of Buddha’s. If Buddha hood is the position of a Buddha, then Buddhicitta is relatively the heart of this perfect individual who understands the suffering of others and that is the reason why he acts voluntarily nonstop. All reliable evidences point to one saying that is it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find this primary quality because it belongs unsurprisingly to every person.

All the evidence supports a conclusion that the Buddhicitta might be one part of the answer of the question on the meaning of the life. However this procedure is only the beginning of an unlimited process to make people become himself, recognize his eternal possibilities and be happy forever.


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