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The automatic millionnaire

Posted in Bài học, Eco_Invest: Đầu tư by Peony Hằng Phương on 20 Tháng Mười 2008

1. If at First You Don’t Succeed…Automate
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If at First You Don’t Succeed …

What if I told you that I could
share a system with you that would slowly but surely transform you into a
millionaire? What if I told you it was a proven system you could set up in just
an hour or two that would require no discipline, less than $10 a day of
investment, and could be done over the phone, from the comfort of your

Now that I have your attention —
welcome! Every other Tuesday, I’ll share with you common-sense financial advice
based on my bestselling book “The Automatic Millionaire.” If you miss a Tuesday,
don’t worry, the columns will be archived so you can pull them up as

Who Stole the American

Somewhere, somehow, over the last
few years, something happened to the American Dream of owning a home in a nice
neighborhood, driving a nice car, providing your children (if you have any) with
a life better than you had, and retiring with a healthy nest egg. What happened
is that this dream disappeared for many Americans.

As a result of the shrinking stock
market, many Americans have seen their personal wealth evaporate. Between Wall
Street’s March 2000 peak and the summer of 2002, U.S. stock
market losses totaled a whopping $6.9 trillion. Millions of people were forced
out of retirement and back into the work force. Millions more who had plans to
retire in the next five to 10 years are wondering, “What just happened? Will I
ever retire? Where’s my piece of the dream?”

For most Americans, the old
approach to investing for the future is not working. According to the American
Savings Education Council, nearly half of all American workers have less than
$25,000 in savings — and nearly 60 million Americans (that’s one in five) have
nothing in the bank. That’s right: Zero, zilch, nada. At the same time,
statistics tell us that the average American currently owes more than $8,400 in
credit card debt.

Even the supposedly wealthy baby
boom generation is on shaky financial ground. According to a study by AARP, the
“typical boomer” has only $1,000 worth of financial

The point of these facts and
figures is not to depress you. It’s to reassure you that if you’re not yet as
rich as you want or need to be, you’ve got lots of

There is a secret to getting rich
in America. It’s very simple. In fact,
it’s so simple that almost no one does it. It’s so obvious that chances are you
already know most of it. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more for you to
learn. Why? Because chances are you’re not doing many of the things you know you
should be!

I’ll share tips with you and help you to put them into

But let me set the record straight:
I’m not talking about helping you become a millionaire in a few weeks or even a
few years. I plan to show you how to become a millionaire steadily and surely,
over the course of your working life.

Simplifying the Complex World of

There’s so much written on personal
finance these days, some of it is confusing and some of it is downright boring!
I vow not to put you to sleep as I teach you how to become an Automatic

The philosophy is simple and

  • You don’t have to make a lot of
    money to be rich.
  • You don’t need
  • You don’t need to be “your own
    boss.” (Yes, you can still get rich being an employee.)
  • By using what I call the “Latte
    Factor,” you can build a fortune on a few dollars a day.
  • The rich get rich (and stay that
    way) because they pay themselves first.
  • Homeowners get rich; renters get
  • Above all, you need an “automatic
    system” so you can’t fail.

Make Your Financial Plan

What it boils down to is this: If
your financial plan is not automatic, you will fail. An investment plan that
requires you to be disciplined and stick to a budget and write checks manually
every few weeks will not work. You have a busy life. Making your financial plan
automatic is the one step that virtually guarantees you won’t

What do I mean by an automatic
plan? I mean a plan that, once you’ve set it up, allows you to go about your
life and not spend a lot of time thinking — or, worse, worrying — about your

I know, right now this sounds too
simple. But, you’ll learn more about the Latte Factor, (a metaphor for how we
dribble away what should be our fortunes on small things without really giving
it much thought), the importance of paying yourself first, saving for a rainy
day, and more.

You’ll also learn about a new
principle I teach called the “Automatic Millionaire Mindset” and it will change
how you think about money forever. I will also share in upcoming months “The
Automatic Millionaire Homeowner,” based on my forthcoming book. It’s a radically
simple approach that uses your home to build wealth over your lifetime. And
lastly, I’ll share with you how to live rich — because you deserve a life in
line with your values, in which your dreams and what matters most to you come


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